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      Regarding to the Land Traffic Management Committee’s resolution on the first meeting on February 21st, 2018, the committee agree with Master plan and its feasibility’s results presented by the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) to precede Chiang Mai public transport system under Public Private Partnership scheme (PPP). The committee also assigned MRTA to implement the master plan one route at a time by selecting the red line as a first project with the combination of underground and at grade level route.


     The Project alignment is north – south direction, it starts from Nakornping Hospital as at grade level running along Chotana Road (Highway No.107) until Chiang Mai Court Intersection then make right turn to along Somphot Chiangmai 700th Anniversary Road until 700th Anniversary Chiangmai Sports Complex Intersection cross irrigation canal, make left turn to irrigation canal road to Nong Ho Intersection then left turn along Nong Ho Road (Highway No.1366) until Pha Muang Army. At this point the route line will change from at grade level to underground level with right turn along Chotana Road passing under Khuang Singh Intersection along Chang Phueak Road, passing ChiangMai Rajabhat University until Manee Nopparat Road (Road along external Ku Muang Road at the northern side) then make right turn to Hua Lin Corner, left turn along Bun Rueang Rit road passing  Maharat Nakorn Chiangmai Hospital until Ku Hueang Corner along Mahidol road (Highway No.1141) until Chiang Mai International Airport Intersection, the route line will be directly to Chiang Mai International Airport along the drainage canal at the side of airport which the tram route will be changed from underground to at grade level again until Chiang Mai Hang Dong Road (Highway No.108) and end at Mae Hia Saman Samakkee Intersection area.

Track structure
      A combination of underground and at grade level track work structure, totaling 15.8 kilometer distance. (at grade 9.3 kilometer and underground 6.5 kilometer)

Railway System

    16 stations. (9 at grade stations and 7 underground stations)

     The depot is located in the area of Nong Ho intersection.

Park and Ride
     Initially, park and ride will be located at Nakornping Hospital Station and Mae Hia Saman Samakkee Station.

Project Cost

Cost (Unit: Million baht)
Land Acquisition
Civil works
M&E Works and Rolling Stocks
Consultant Fee
Provisional Sum


      Chiang Mai Transit Red Line Consultants Consortium (CMTR), February 2022

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