The M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchmongkhon Line (THE BLUE LINE)

Project Website Hua Lamphong - Bang Khae, Bang Sue - Tha Phra



     MRTA  Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line during Hua Lamphong - Bang Sue, construction began in 1997 as an underground structure throughout the line. Construction was completed and officially opened for service in July 2004, and in the Hua Lamphong - Bang Khae and Bang Sue - Tha Phra section, the construction started in 2011. Construction was completed and officially opened for service in March 2020.
     MRTA Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line It is one of the projects in the Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region (M-MAP) that will serve as the main line for people's travel and connect to other mass transit lines.


Hua Lamphong - Bang Khae


        This length is 15.9 kilometers long, 5.4 kilometers of which will be underground with 4 stations while the remaining 10.5 kilometers will be elevated with 7 stations. The project starts at Hua Lamphong Station. It goes along Charoen Krung Road, passing China Town, Wang Burapha. It then turns left at Wat Poh before crossing under the Chao Phraya River at Pak Khlong Talart. Next, it reaches Tha Phra Station and runs along Phetcha Kasem Road to Lak Song Station.

Bang Sue - Tha Phra


       This section is 11 kilometers long with 8 stations with . Its structure through out the entire route. The project starts from Bang Sue Station, passing along Pracharat Sai 2 Road. It crosses the Chao Phraya River and turns left along Charan Sanit Wong Road reaching Tha Phra area at Phetcha Kasem and Charan Sanit Wong Intersection.


        48 Km. of subway tract (4 stations) and 21.5 Km. of elevated structure (15 stations)


       The Structures of subway station are reinforced concrete under the road surface at approximately 15-25 meters. The size of typical station is around 18-25 meters. wide and 150-200 meters long, depending on the condition of the ground area of the station. The majority of the stations are center-platform station with tracks on both sides of the platform; the remaining are stations with twin vertical stacked tunnels. There are three types of structures, I.e. two-storey structure, three-storey structure and four-storey structure.

The two-storey structure consists of

       Concourse level on the first floor where tickets and the route chart are available.

       Platform level on the second floor where the train stops. The door will automatically open and close only when the the train stops at the station.

       There are four stations belonging to this type namely Hua Lamphong Station, Huai Khwang Station, Sutthisan Station and Bang Sue Station.

The three-storey structure consists of

        Access level on the first floor. It is home to many different shops and retail outlets.

       Concourse level on the second floor where tickets and the route chart are available.

       Platform level on the third floor where the train stops. The door will automatically open and close only when the train comes to a complete stop.

       The majority of the existing stations belong to this type, totaling 11 stations. These stations are Klong Toei Station, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station, Sukhumvit Station, Phetchaburi Station, Phra Ram 9 Station, Thailand Cultural Centre Station, Ratchadaphisek Station, Lat Phrao Station, Phahon Yothin Station, Chatuchak Park Station and Kamphaeng Phet Station.

The four-storey structure consists of

        Concourse level on the first floor

       Upper platform level on the second floor

       The third floor area containing plant rooms for mechanical and electrical systems such as ventilation fans, light and electricity system, etc.

       Lower platform level on the fourth floor

       There are three stations belonging to this type of structure, namely Sam Yan Station, Si Lom Station and Lumphini Station. This type is used because it will have no impact on underground public utilities such as the tunnels of water works, the electricity wires and the telephone wires.

Rolling Stock

       The Rolling Stock is a designed for 750 VDC traction power supply system with air-conditioning. Each car dimension is 3.12 meters in width, 21.5 – 21.8 meters in length and 3.8 meters in height. The railway system is controlled by the Automatic Train Operation System from the Operation Control Centre.

Passenger Transport Capacity

       There are a total of 19 trains, each consisting of three or six cars. A three-car train can carry about 886 passengers.

Car Speed

        Maximum speed capacity of a train is 80 kilometers per hour while the average speed is 35 kilometers per hour.


        Each station is fully equipped with facilities for all passengers, including the disabled, the elderly and the pregnant. These facilities are lifts, escalators, air-conditioning system in the station and the car, kiosks and toilets, For the blind, there are writings in the lifts and warning signs on the stair landing in Braille, Moreover, equipments are installed in the toilets for the disabled.


          The M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line Project has a total route length of 20 kilometers. It starts at Hua Lamphong, goes along Rama IV Road, then turns left onto Ratchadaphisek Road, passes Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Asoke Rosd, Rama IX Intersection and Sutthisan Intersection. At Ratchada-Lat Phrao Intersection, the route turns left onto Lat Phrao Road, passes Chatuchak Park to Kamphaeng Phet Road and ends at Bang Sue Railway station. There are 18 subway stations along the route.

       1. Hua Lamphong station

       2. Sam Yan Station

       3. Si Lom Station

       4. Lumphini Station

       5. Khlong Toei Station

       6. Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

       7. Sukhumvit Station

       8. Phetchaburi Station

       9. Phra Ram 9 Station

       10. Thailand Cultural Centre Station

       11. Huai Khwang Station

       12. Sutthisan Station

       13. Ratchadaphisek Station

       14. Lat Phrao Station

       15. Phahon Yothin Station

       16. Chatuchak Park Station

       17. Kamphaeng Phet Station

       18. Bang Sue Station

 Flood Prevention

         As Bangkok often experiences flooding, the M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line Project installs safety measures in the design to prevent rain ingress at each station and tunnels. The station entrances and open channels are designed to be constructed at one meter above the 200-year flood level in Bangkok

       The position of the station entrance is 1.2-1.5 meters high, the same height as the 200 years rainfall level.

       The position of the depot approach ramp is constructed as high as the station entrances. Besides, there are pump sumps at the sloping end of the tunnel to hold rainwater as well as water pumps for the drainage of water in sumps out of the tunnel.

       The position of each intervention building or emergency entrance is designed so that its base is constructed as high as the above-mentioned station entrance.


Fire Prevention

       The design and construction of the subway are carried out in accordance with the international standard of the National Fire Protection Association 130 (NFPA 130) regarding fire prevention and suppression as follows:

       Fire prevention is designed to reduce the possibility of fire incident or to contain fire in a limited area. There are strict requirements for construction materials and forms of buildings such as non-combustible and non-toxic materials, sufficient non-complicated fire escapes/emergency exits and efficient ventilation, etc.

       Fire suppression is principally aimed at stopping fire incident as well as evacuating passengers to a safe place within six minutes, There are alarm systems as well as public address systems. In case of emergency, the sprinklers installed in the stations can supply water enough to put out the fire for up to 45 minutes, Moreover, the fire hose cabinet and fire hydrant are equipped along the tunnel at every 50 meters to receive water from the outside


 Safety System

      To operate the train, there are three computerized control systems as follows: 3

       1. Automatic Train Operation System (ATO) works like a driver. It controls the starting of operation, braking distance, appropriate speed, parking, opening and closing of the door.

       2. Automatic Train Protection System (ATP) is the computerized system controlling the train to be at a limited safe speed in relation to the distance between the trains. In case where two trains exceed the distance limit, the train will automatically stop. In addition, the train driver will be responsible for the safety double-check

       3. Automatic Train Supervision System (ATS) will automatically release the trains as per the timetable so that they arrive at the destination on time.


Passenger Safety 

       The station interior is dedigned to be an open area without niches or garbage bins in order to prevent any placement of unwanted or dangerous objects in the station. Besides, there are closed circuit televisions installed for around-the-clock inspection.

       At each station, security officers from MRTA and the concessionaire as well as police officers from the police station concerned will be on the watch for any untoward incident. In addition, there are closed circuit televisions at all levels inside the station.

       Platform Screen Doors in the form of glass walls are installed along each station platform to provide safety for passengers waiting for the train. They are designed to open only when the train stops at the platform. In addition, there is a sensor installed at every door to make sure that the no passenger is caught between the closing doors.

Project Management

       The M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line Project is implemented under five civil work and one concession contract as follows :

Contract 1

       Design and Construction of Underground Structures for the South Section (from Hua Lamphong Station to Phra Rama 9 Station). The contract works include the tunneling works between the stations, construction of nine subway stations, tunnels, depot approach ramp and three intervention shafts.

Contract 2

       Design and construction of Underground Structures for the North Section (from Thailand Cultural Centre Station to Bang Sue Station). The contract works are the same as the South Section including the construction of nine subway stations while the North Section has five intervention shafts.

Contract 3

       Design and Construction of the Depot, comprising the construction of a concrete platform raised two meters above the ground, used for stabling rolling stock.

Contract 4

        Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Trackwork. The contract works include installation of trackworks which include rail track and corrent-supply third rails of the South Section, North Section and the Depot.

Contract 5

       Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Lifts and Escatators.

Contract 6

       Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Contract for the M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamonghon Line Project, The concession contract was awrdded to Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited (BMCL) that would invest in M&E equipment and operate the M.R.T. system. The implementation consists of two phases as follows:

        Phase 1 is the period starting from the contract signing date up to the readiness of the M.R.T. system to be opened for public service The concessionaire is responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of M&E equipment as well as the commissioning of M.R.T. system.

        Phase 2 is the period of revenue service and maintenance of the M.R.T. system, lasting 25 years starting from the first date of revenue service to the termination of the service. Upon termination, the M.R.T. system including all civil infrastructures and M&E equipment supplied by BMCL shall be handed over to MRTA. BMCL entered into the M&E equipment contract with Siemens Limited for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of M&E equipment and M.R.T. system as well as the training of staff on the M.R.T. system service and maintenance of M&E equipment for a period of 10 years.



       There are 2 types of tickets as follows:

       1. Single journey Token is a round plastic coin available at the automatic ticket vending machine.

       2. Store Value Ticket is the Same size as credit card available at the ticket office. It is convenient for frequent service users.

Ticket Vending Machine

       Ticket Vending Machine is an automatic touch screen system which can accept both coins and paper money as well as fiving change.

Automatic Gate

       Automatic Gate is automatically opened when a card or a token is brought close to the machine at about 10 centimeters No insertion of a coin or token is necessary. The contactless system will automatically trigger the opening of the gate.

Project Cost

Land Acquisition(Bang Sue - Tha Pra)
million baht
Land Acquisition(Hua Lumpong - Bang Kae)
million baht
Civil works
million baht
M&E Works and Rolling Stocks
million baht
PMC Consultant (Civil)
million baht
CSC Consultant
million baht
PMC Consultant (M&E Works)
million baht
MESC Consultant
million baht
million baht

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