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        The Commission for the Management of Land Traffic (CMLT) Meeting No.1/2019 on January 3, 2019 considered the PPP report of Brown Line Project: Khae Rai – Lam Sali (Bueng Kum) Section which was proceeded by The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) and had a meeting resolution to assign the OTP to add Brown Line Project into Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan for Bangkok Metropolitan Region Phase 1: M-Map 1 and also assigned the Ministry of Transport to authorize the MRTA as operating agency of the Brown Line Project: Khae Rai – Lam Sali (Bueng Kum) Section.



        The MRT Brown Line Project, Khae Rai - Lam Sali (Bueng Kum) Section, begins at the Khae Rai Intersection, where it connects with the MRT Purple Line and the MRT Pink Line project. Following that, the project heads along Ngamwongwan Road to Bang Khen intersection to connect with the Red line project and cross Vibhavadi Rangsit Road by under passing the Red Line project and the Uttaraphimuk Elevated Tollway (Don Muang Tollway), travelling to Kaset intersection and lifting across the Green Line project to run continuously along Prasert Manukitch Road, passing through Chalong Rat intersection to connect to the Grey Line project until Nawamin intersection, before turning south along Nawamin Road and approaching the terminal station which can connect to the MRT Oramge Line project, the MRT yellow Line project, project’s park and ride building, and also the depot on Suan Son intersection. However, as for the alignment along Prasert Manukit Road, the median area will be shared between the N2 expressway of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT), the expressway project will utilize of the existing piers. While Brown Line Project: Khae Rai – Lam Sali (Bueng Kum) Section, there will be a pier structure between the current piers of the Expressway project and the Brown Line project will be located beneath the expressway project.


        There are a total of 20 elevated stations totaling 22.1 kilometers, depending on how the project is designed. There are two different sorts of stations. Which, stations that related to the N2 expressway structure, it will be a Side platform or Center Platform. On the contrary, stations beneath the N2 expressway structure (not related to the N2 expressway) with the side runway will only have a Side platform.


        The maintenance center is located at the end of the route network on Phuangsiri Road Along with the Saen Saeb Canal and Hua Mak Canal. It is a 4-storey building with a total area of 44,800 square meters. (28 rai), including with employee’s parking area, wastewater treatment plant, Public relations counter, technical room, conference room, Reception desk, Operation Control Center: OCC, M&E subsystems workshop, Stabling yards, Heavy and Light Maintenance and Office for maintenance work.

Park and Ride

        A Park-and-Ride building is located at the intersection of Phuangsiri Road and Ramkhamhaeng Road, this building is a 6-storey building capable of parking approximately 280 cars and connected to Lam Sali station (BR-20).


        The project will be a straddle monorail system and built as elevated guideway beams in both directions (round trip).

Rolling Stock

        The project will be run as straddle monorail system with medium-high capacity, maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Traction Substation will supply direct current with voltage level of 750 VDC or 1500 VDC into the anode conductor rail and receive electricity back to the Traction Substation through the negative conductor rail. The two conductor rails are installed on each side of the Guideway Beam. In the first year of commercial operation, a total of 24 trains will be serviced (4 cars per train).

Project Cost

1. Land Acquisition Cost
Million baht
2. Civil Works
Million baht
3. M&E Works
Million baht
4. Project Consultant Cost
Million baht
5. Provisional Sum1,501Million baht
Million baht

Source : according to MRT Brown Line (Khae Rai – Lam Sali (Buengkum) Section) PPP report (May 2023)

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