mass rapid transit authority of thailand

Corporate Plan fiscal years 2012-2016


"To be a main organization providing effective and completed services of mass rapid transit, aiming to improve the people’s quality of life"


               The “Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand” Act B.E. 2543 (2000) has set 3 objectives with the following

  1. To carry out mass rapid transit operations in Bangkok Metropolitan and its vicinity, including other provinces as prescribed by Royal Decree, or between such provinces.
  2. To study, analyze and prepare projects or plans pertaining to mass rapid transit operations for improvement and modernization thereof.
  3. To carry out businesses related to the mass rapid transit operations or other business beneficial to the MRTA and passengers using the mass rapid transit services.

Policy of MRTA Board of Directors

                 MRTA Board of Directors determines the policy and governs the operation of MRTA. Therefore, in order for MRTA operation to be in accordance with the objectives and consistent with the government’s policy, MRTA Board of Directors has set out a policy to be used as guideline for operation and governance, as follows

  1. To promptly carry on and complete the projects of mass rapid transit lines as assigned and open for service as planned.
  2. To provide mass rapid transit service that is convenient, fast, safe and punctual, keeping in mind the satisfaction of each target group.
  3. To allow the public contribution in the operation and use the public’s feedback for development and improvement of operation.
  4. To operate the organization with good governance, social and environmental responsibility, and put emphasis one prevention and mitigation of impact which may occur from the operation of the organization.
  5. To manage assets, operate the business with continuity, and provide supporting services to increase income and reduce support burden from the government.
  6. To implement effective financial management, in terms of cash management, liabilities management, and risk management.
  7. To communicate progressively in different methods so that the public is aware and understands the importance of MRTA, our operation, and supporting MRTA.
  8. To develop personnel, internal management, and information system to increase effectiveness in operating the organization, and encourage concrete knowledge and technology transfer from contractors and consultants.
  9. To develop and improve incentive system both in terms of money and non-money incentive in order to establish fairness and motivation for employees.


            According to vision, MRTA has analyzed and set main missions during fiscal year 2012-2016 of 9 missions as follows

  1. To provide network of mass rapid transit in compliance with the plan.
  2. To provide a convenient, swift, safe and punctual mass rapid transit.
  3. To provide the efficient integrate network of transportation system.
  4. To provide fare structure in accordance with target group.
  5. To carry out commercial development in accordance with life style of target group.
  6. To develop organization to be learning organization and to be nation knowledge center of mass rapid transit system technology transfer.
  7. To promote organization with vicinity trust and social support.
  8. To support stakeholder understanding and realization of mass rapid transit benefits.
  9. To participate in drawing up of city and quality of life development.

Corporate Goals

               To operate along clear directions that will lead to achieve MRTA vision, MRTA has figured out operating corporate goals based on what to be achieved fulfilling stakeholders, allowed 10 goals as follows

  1. Mass rapid transit covers more areas of Bangkok and its vicinity.
  2. The passengers of mass rapid transit increase according to goals.
  3. The passengers are satisfied to the services.
  4. Diverse services and proper to the life style and the journey of passengers.
  5. Increase of revenue and become lower of government subsidies.
  6. To be the Thailand’s main organization of mass transit knowledge management and transfer.
  7. To let MRTA be well known and accepted in every organizations.
  8. Effective internal management.
  9. Personnel with knowledge and skill as well as to approach.
  10. MRT become the significant role in improving the people’s quality of life.

Main Objectives

                        Based on visions, missions and corporate goals, MRTA has hereby set forth operating goals to be achieved by the end of the fiscal year 2016 as follows

1.The MRT Projects will be opened service as follow.
    - The Purple line project, Bang Yai-Bang Sue section will be opened in 2016.
    - The Blue line project, Hua Lampong-Bang Khae section and Bang Sue-Tha Phra section will be opened in 2019.
    - The Green line project, Bearing-Smutprakan section and Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Khot section, The Pink line project Khae Rai-Min Buri section,The               Purple line project Tao Poon-Ratburana section and The Yellow line project Lat Phrao-Samrong section will be opened in 2020.
    - The Blue line project,Bang Khae-Buddha Monthon Sai 4 section will be opened in 2021.
    - The Orange line project Taling Chan-Min Buri section will be opened in 2022.

2.It is expected that the number of passengers will increase 5 percent each year.
3.The common ticket will be utilized with the MRT Chaloem Ratchamongkhon line and the MRT Purple line project, Bang Yai-Bang Sue section.
4.95 percent of passengers are satisfied to MRT serviced and another services.
5.The total revenue from asset management, services and related businesses will grow up to 150 million baht/year. As well as revenue from the concessions    rises to 1,078 million baht per annum in 2016.
6.The organization has management and pay attention of debt, cash, exchange rate to decrease risk and increase revenue systematically in the 2013.
7.Organizational development to knowledge center and knowledge transfer about mass transit, completed by the schedule.
8.80 percent of people in Bangkok and its vicinity trust MRTA and accredit its services.
9.90 percent of passengers and people along the alignment of the MRT projects have grown up with quality of life.
10.The organization has an Executive Information System (EIS) and a Decision Support System (DSS) completed within the year 2016.
11.90 percent of personnel satisfy to internal management.
12.90 percent of personnel have the organization standard competency

Note * The MRT project will be opened according to goals of MRT Projects perceived by the MRTA Board of Directors meeting on June 4 and July 3, 2015.