mass rapid transit authority of thailand

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social and Environmental Policies of Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

          Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has always realized that the project of constructing a mass rapid transit system is one of our important missions that leads our country to prosperity and success similar to other developed countries worldwide. In addition, this project helps elevate Thai people’s quality of life in general since as soon as the project is completed and begins its full service, people can travel to different destinations more conveniently, quickly and safely. It helps reduce the use of private vehicles, switching to public transportation which, in turns, helps lessen traffic congestion problem, alleviating travel stress as well as reducing air pollution. Consequently, our society will become a more pleasant place to live. MRTA pays detailed attention to every step of the project to ensure the highest benefits for both our country and Thai people. Simultaneously, MRTA is strongly committed to growing steadily and becoming a leading organization responsible for the environment and society.

         MRTA is continuously committed to initiating new projects and other social activities in order to create mutual value between itself and its stakeholders as well as to be a responsible member of the society. Most importantly, MRTA aims to accomplish its mission to become “the major leader in providing a full service of rapid transit electric train system with the highest efficiency so as to help improve Thai people’s quality of life”.

Social and Environmental Policies of Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

        MRTA is well aware of the importance of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. As a result of this, MRTA’s board of directors has set policies to be employed as an operational guidance representing MRTA’s social and environmental responsibility which is as follows:

       “To operate our business based primarily on good governance, showing our responsibility for society and environment as well as recognizing the significance of preventing and reducing any negative effects that may arise as a result of our day-to-day operation”.

        From the above policy, MRTA has set up its strategies in alignment with social and environmental concerns and incorporated them in the Corporate Plan 2012-2016 (second revision). The strategies are as follows:

Strategy 3: The improvement of the customer service and the quality of life by MRTA service

3.1 Responsibility for society and environment strategy
        1.To promote any activities and projects with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.
        2.To supervise the organization’s operation based on strict measures in order to reduce any environmental impact.
        3.To provide facilities for every disabled person.

Strategy I: Community and environmental friendliness. 

This strategy is based primarily on the good governance conducts that prevent any problems affecting the community, society and environment caused by the organization’s rapid transit railway construction projects as well as encouraging sustainable living with the community.


1.Environmental good govenance prohects

  • Activities to promote sustainable living with the community
  • Activities to create opportunities based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy

2.Green Construction projects

  • Afforestation project for educational purpose to honor the King

3.Equality in service projects

  • Activities to promote equal opportunities


Strategy II: Care and quality of life for all stakeholders

This strategy is based on consistent care and responsibility to improve the quality of life of all stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization, including the environment and society. We are strongly devoted to creating a pleasant community and environment in order to improve the quality of life for Thai people.

1.“Healthy and Happy Life” projects

  • “Healthy and Happy Life” projects
  • Happiness from dharma-related activities
  • Sufficiency living activities to honor the King

2.“Happy Workplace” projects

  • Joy of work activities at MRTA
  • Flea market activities at MRTA
  • Stress-relief massage activities
  • Building sense of belonging activities

 -Bottled water for education projects

 -We love MRTA projects (offsite team building)

 -Back to my roots projects

 -Birthday merit-making projects

3.Relationship management and sustainable social development projects

  • Social caring, teaching, repairing and building activities

Strategy III: Giving back to the society

This strategy is based on assisting, giving opportunities, sharing and participating in different types of social activities with the purpose of mutually supporting, devoting, sharing happiness, encouraging people to do good and promoting talented people as a way to give back to the society.

1.Happiness through sharing projects

  • Youth-related activities and youth education

2.Volunteering projects : The source of positive actions

  • Volunteering activities to improve our community